a fresh new look at how Paddington arrived

                                           . . . Australia's oldest contemporary village

This compelling book explores Paddington’s special architectural expression, its heritage lessons and cultural development through all periods since colonisation, the lives of leading residents, its Aboriginal people, gentrification, working-class residents, migrants, artists, bohemians and LGBT communities… the melting pot of Australia’s new-world evolving culture.

•  352 pages, a very readable coffee-table size book 

•  Over 200 full-colour photos, illustrations, maps and cartoons 

•  5 years of love & sweat in the making 

•  a writing team of 13 historians and social commentators 

•  driven by dedicated enthusiasts at The Paddington Society to develop the
    most  comprehensive history and insight into what makes Paddington tick

•  an insider's look at contemporary city life at a village scale, beautifully revealed.

This book is an initiative of The Paddington Society to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its formation in 1964, Australia's first community activist group.

Developed with the assistance of community grants from




Published by NewSouth Publishing,  University of New South Wales Press Ltd  •  November 2018    •    ISBN number  978-1-74223-598-1

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