12 chapters • 352 pages • 5 years in the writing • 198 years of change

•  social history

•  architectural history

•  aboriginal history

•  development history

•  activism history

•  arts & creative history 


This definitive book traces the history of Paddington from Aboriginal times
18,000 years ago as changing sea levels drowned the river valley from Rushcutters
to create Sydney Harbour, through its Victorian period of building and development, saved from demolition by bureaucrats in the 60s by new urban activists, and now a contemporary city oasis of global reputation. . . it makes compelling reading and a surprising exploration for people you know and love.  Edited by Dr Greg Young it has 12 engrossing chapters written by local writers and historians.  Find out more below: 

12 captivating stories  •  chapter outlines follow
























Paddington : an introduction

by Greg Young,  editor, writer & historian

On a sunny winter’s day in 1969, at a demonstration of up to 2000 strong, Paddington and Woollahra residents marched down the elegant Jersey
Road that divided the two suburbs, verandahs on either side garlanded
with wreaths and swags of black crepe. Wearing funeral colours – some in black aprons to collect donations – they had turned out to protest stubborn government road-widening and demolition proposals with the same flair
for publicity shown by
the great New York pioneer of urban activism, Jane Jacobs. The media savvy campaign, devised by high-octane adman and journalist Leo Schofield, won the day and the proposals were ultimately dropped, but other factors that underlay the protest also made their contribution to saving Paddington.

The arrival of European migrants in the 1950s began the area’s revival from the social and economic ravages of the Great Depression. This paved the way for the middle-class ‘new urbanites’ who guided the suburb across the early 1960s minefield
of modernist planning proposals that could have wiped it from the map. Now a chic and cherished urban village, Paddington is revealing its once hidden Indigenous history – highlighted in this book –
even as it faces upto new
and more subtle threats to the integrity of its heritage landscape.

Paddington in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, holds a firm place in Australia’s national imagination as the model of a fashionable heritage suburb, mirrored around the globe by other legendary quarters such as Chelsea in London,
the Left Bank in Paris and Greenwich Village in New York. Paddington is recognised
as one of the largest concentrations of intact Victorian terrace housing in the world and is a microcosm of inner-suburban life, and trends
in development, from Sydney’s earliest times . . .

•  Chapters 1 - 4    preview here

             Chapter 1 - Aboriginal Paddington

             Chapter 2 - Mapping Paddington

             Chapter 3 - Ever-changing Paddington
             Chapter 4 - Early Paddington

•  Chapters 5 - 8    preview here

             Chapter 5 - The Victorian suburb

             Chapter 6 - Gentrification

             Chapter 7 - Conserving Paddington

             Chapter 8 - Bohemian Paddington

•  Chapters 9 - 11   preview here

             Chapter 9 - Creative Paddington

             Chapter 10 - Changing landscapes

             Chapter 11 - Survival

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