what is happening in Paddington... today!

To keep you informed of what is happening to preserve Paddington today here are some stories and resources to keep you informed on what volunteers and members of The Paddington Society do each and every week to preserve this unique place.

 •   February 2019 The Sydney Morning Herald's book reviewer Susan Wyndham

                                         puts the Paddington Society's just released 352-page book

                                     Paddington : a history under the scrutiny of the reader test
                                         says "Paddington changed from scary, to edgy, to trendy,
                                         to pricey".
  See what this book editor really thinks of this new     
                                         benchmark book exploring the architecture, the people and special                             places this seminal village... from early Aboriginal times,
                                         through colonial times, to modern re-development threats, to
                                         contemporary lessons in better city lifestlye solutions.

Download the article here, or read online at

•   February 5, 2019 The Paddington Society officially launched their 5-years in the making benchmark book Paddington : a history in the Juniper Hall garden, courtesy of Peter Moran's generosity, with 240 guests include Mayors, Lord Mayor, Members of Parliament, councillors from our twin Councils, longterm activists, boys & girls... not to mention our guest speaker, Jack Thompson, Paddo boy, awarded actor and bon vivant, who reminded us of Paddington's recent yesteryears in which he he grew up, reading lyric poetry written by his father John Thompson, one of the founders of the Paddington Society and entralling this varied audience with his passion about this special place.  You can listen to his speech about Paddo life here, or have a sticky beak here at photos from the crowd who celebrated the launch of this outstanding book. . . the most comprehensive insight into the history of one of Australia's first and today iconic villages (some say suburb).  Whatever it is, it is a special place.



•   December 2018 Leo Schofield  has lunch with Bill Morrison, architect,
Paddington resident since the 1970s and Paddington Society Committee member
exploring the new "Paddington, a history" book released after 5 years develop-
ment, 352-
pages, in time for Christmas 2018... over a designer beer and hearty
steak at the 4-in-Hand pub, another Paddington icon.  Read their lunch story
from the Wentworth Courier article that begins in the book 18,000 years ago
in Aboriginal Paddinghton, 
right here. 


•   July 2018 Read the Paddington Society's well researched and argued
Submission to the NSW State Government opposing the mooted demolition
of the just 20-years old Allianz Stadium

at Moore Park. Just click here. 

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